Besides being good ... it's good for you! Health benefits of caviar.

Caviar is not only special because of its flavor, but its consumption has many health benefits. Today we tell you some of them.
This delicacy, product of sturgeon, contains the best natural sources of omega 3 whose benefits are related to cardiovascular and brain health. Also, its high levels of selenium (an essential antioxidant) and vitamin E, make it an excellent aid for disease prevention and immune system support.
Being loaded with B12, it also meets your daily requirements for this all-important vitamin with just one bite. A B12 deficiency can result in fatigue, depression, anemia, reduced brain function, and other limbs. Along with its B12 and Omega 3, caviar has been shown to improve our mood.
And that's not all, since in addition to having benefits for your health, the consumption of caviar has also been shown to have aesthetic benefits. This is due to its high levels of water and antioxidant powers which contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin.
It's hard to believe that one small can contains all of these benefits, but the facts are the facts!
Author: Rhona Tattersal

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