Golden Koi Sake
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Golden Koi Sake

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This sake was made to be presented at the "AWARD run" organised by the Japanese government. This is a "competition" sake made just for this event. Extremely small quantity which means that only around 200 bottles can be made per year. (Numbered bottles)

It is bottled in a ceramic bottle and then covered with gold leaf. Carefully protected in a paulownia wooden box hollowed out in KOI style. This is done by hand by craftsmen who still process wood for the Imperial family.

At the competition this saké obtained the "EXCELLENCE PRIZE in Kanto Shinetsu National Tax Bureau SAKE AWARD".

Discover this Japanese masterpiece.

Brewery: Imayotsukasa (Niigata, Niigata)
Type: Junmai Ginjo
Rice: 100% Gohyakumangoku
Polishing Ratio: 50-60% Not specified
Alcohol: 17%
Content: 720ml
Serve temperature: 10-12°C